Monday, June 27, 2011

The worst part about owning your own fashion boutique...

Ok, so when I first started this endeavor, I never imagined that there could be anything (and I mean ANYTHING) bad about owning your own fashion haven.  This fantasy came to a screeching halt when I discovered that just because you own all the things you're selling, does not mean you get to WEAR all the things you are selling....and this makes a HUGE difference.  While I love to purchase things, I feel getting to wear your new purchase just brings the whole experience full circle.

Now, I do get to keep quite a sweet stash of loot for myself, but, as most of you can empathize with, I am a recovering shopaholic; I use the term "recovering" loosely.   In the past, I might have been known to have had an ever so slight shopping addiction.  This shopping addiction stretched far past the occasional new pair of boots and a sweater.  No, no, no...this shopping addiction met me at any (and I mean ANY) store where I could spend money.  Ready to wear, shoes, accessories, home name it and I could find immense joy spending money on it.

Nowadays, I'm a little more sensible with my spending habits, but only because I finally realized that all this money I was spending was coming from somewhere.  It just didn't magically show up in my bank account by accident.  Someone must have worked pretty darn hard to put it there (cough,cough...Dad...).  It wasn't until after college, and I had a big girl job of my own, that I came to this realization.

So, while buying stuff for others brings me so much joy, I still enjoy buying a little happy for myself too.   ;)  The picture below is a collage of the things that I WISH were in my personal collection today.  I guess I'll do the "right thing" and let some other lucky soul stumble upon them and have their full circle moment.

Wishing you lots of light, love, and full circle moments!

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