Thursday, July 28, 2011

You can't always get what you want....until Spring 2012

I’m not going to lie.  I’ve been quite disappointed with some of the looks this Spring.  It’s not that I can’t find fabulous outfits in all my favorite fashion mags; I totally can.  But, the problem comes when I can’t find any of those pieces for less than $400.  (Side note: I’m not one of those people who is going to pretend that dropping 400 bones on a fashion item is the norm for me because it isn’t, and it shouldn’t have to be.) All the right ideas seem to be there, but I can’t find the tangible goods to make my ideas come to life.  I know some of you have experienced something similar to my retail yearning.

Well, I’ve found a line that I am totally in love with.  It is just my style and would fit right into my wardrobe.  “What’s the problem?” you say.  The problem stands that this line is a Spring 2012 line. Yes.  Believe it. I’ve totally barreled through all the fabulous fall looks that are coming just around the corner and now, I have fully pushed into lookbooks for next Spring.  That’s right, while we are suffering in this devastating summer heat, I have already fast forwarded to next April when I will be fully enthralled in some of these flirty, flouncy looks.  Sorry.  I couldn’t help myself.  What else is new?

Meet “Me” Spring 2012.  Well, as you can see, it actually isn’t me.  It’s a model, but you get the idea.  Enjoy!

Love the florals.  Love the pleats.  LOVE. It. All.

Give me high waisted shorts and a blazer any day.  I do declare this is the epitome of "effortless chic."

The perfect maxi dress.  Goodness, "I" am looking fabulous in 2012.

Don't even get me started on hats again.  The hat AND the shorts might send me over the edge. Someone kill me now so I can die a happy woman.  And why you're taking orders, get me a sailboat.  I could see myself looking quite lovely on a sailboat in this ensemble. Please and thank you.

Wishing you all light, love, and lots of happy lookbook-ing.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

“What were they thinking?” Wednesday…Posts devoted to the never good, always bad, and just plain ugly.

I’ve seen some pretty horrifying outfit choices in my day.  Who am I kidding?  I’ve MADE some pretty horrifying outfit choices in my day.  Therefore, I ‘ve decided to officially declare that Wednesdays be purely devoted to our horrifying, atrocious, unbelievably bad fashion calls. 

I think this could be very healthy.  Think of it as a cleansing of your fashion soul.  A platform for us all to reflect, laugh, and then thank the lord that we have moved passed that stage in our lives!

I will definitely be sharing some of my UNchicest moments here along with you.

If you feel the need to purge your fashion soul of its past fashion fails, forward your pics to and check back on Wednesday to see if you made the “What were they thinking?” post.

Until I get some of you brave soldiers to pony up your loot, and I hop over to my Mom's to pull out the photos I have buried deep in hopes of them never seeing the light of day, I will have to succumb to posting pics of strangers.  That could be fun too.  Here we go...

You. Are. Welcome.

Now, I'm all about "going green," but this takes it a little far. 
No. Seriously.  What is this lady thinking?

Toto...we're not in Kansas anymore.  Window, aisle, I don't care as long as I don't have to sit next to this lady.  It's just another reason why I never fly United.

Partly cloudy with a 100% chance of ugly...

Wishing you all light, love, and the strength to embrace your own faux pas.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The many hats I wear...

With the right hat, nothing else matters.”  -LaPaloma Hats
Oh, to be a woman who can wear hats.  I love hats, but more than hats, I love women (and men too, I guess) that are able to pull off a good, strong hat.   Today, I stumbled upon such a woman that made me really ponder the subject of hats. You do realize it’s not everyday that you encounter such a person.  This post is dedicated to those people….the hat people.

I wear many hats.  Figuratively, not literally, of course.  Running your own business, you are destined to “wear” a hat or two.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I have literally worn a hat or two in my day.  I can definitely sport a sun friendly fedora or Bermuda hat at the lake, beach, etc.  But, this isn’t something the average joe can’t pull off, so it’s definitely nothing to brag about.

I like to think that in some far off land, I could be one of these grandiose, larger than life, lovely people that pull off hats in an every day sort of way. These fabulous people treat putting on a hat like brushing their teeth.  They never question whether it is a hat kind of day, or doubt that they can pull off such a hat.  Those thoughts would never cross their minds.  Why?  Because they’re hat people….that’s why.

Until we sail away to some far off land, where we become the mysteriously magnificent hat-wearing people that we dream of being, here are some pics to tie you over.  You’re welcome.

                       Ok, someone has to invite me to an event where I can wear a hat.



 I had to end on my favorite hat-wearing icon.  I couldn't help myself.  The one and only...

And, yes, I have been known to cut someone for disagreeing with me.  Ok, well... maybe not cut, but definitely give them a "You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about" face.  Sorry, Kate, but Audrey still has you beat on this one. 

Wishing you light, love, and a fabulous hat day!