Wednesday, July 27, 2011

“What were they thinking?” Wednesday…Posts devoted to the never good, always bad, and just plain ugly.

I’ve seen some pretty horrifying outfit choices in my day.  Who am I kidding?  I’ve MADE some pretty horrifying outfit choices in my day.  Therefore, I ‘ve decided to officially declare that Wednesdays be purely devoted to our horrifying, atrocious, unbelievably bad fashion calls. 

I think this could be very healthy.  Think of it as a cleansing of your fashion soul.  A platform for us all to reflect, laugh, and then thank the lord that we have moved passed that stage in our lives!

I will definitely be sharing some of my UNchicest moments here along with you.

If you feel the need to purge your fashion soul of its past fashion fails, forward your pics to and check back on Wednesday to see if you made the “What were they thinking?” post.

Until I get some of you brave soldiers to pony up your loot, and I hop over to my Mom's to pull out the photos I have buried deep in hopes of them never seeing the light of day, I will have to succumb to posting pics of strangers.  That could be fun too.  Here we go...

You. Are. Welcome.

Now, I'm all about "going green," but this takes it a little far. 
No. Seriously.  What is this lady thinking?

Toto...we're not in Kansas anymore.  Window, aisle, I don't care as long as I don't have to sit next to this lady.  It's just another reason why I never fly United.

Partly cloudy with a 100% chance of ugly...

Wishing you all light, love, and the strength to embrace your own faux pas.

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