Thursday, September 8, 2011

Finding my solemate...

Oh me, oh my!  I am beside myself.  The first hint of crisp fall weather has finally arrived, and after the unfathomably hot summer we've had south of the Mason Dixon, I can't help but let out a sweet sigh of relief and begin to dream of knits, cardigans, boots, and scarves.

You know the old saying that says at the first sign of Fall, everyone begins searching for their next romantic relationship.  Well, while most of the single ladies out there are searching for their soulmate, I am in search of my next solemate.  That's right.  You read that correctly...SOLEmate.  Most of my friends will be jumping head first into a serious, monogamous relationship that will surely last them at least through winter.  While they are doing that, I have decided to jump feet first into the perfect pair of boots that will surely last me through this winter and possibly many more winters to come.  I'm pretty sure I have the better deal. You know I'm right.  Since when has your favorite pair of slouchy taupe boots crushed your heart at the first sign of Spring? Never.  Take it from me, Ladies...the boots are the better investment this winter.

So, today marks the first day I am to officially begin my search for my perfect winter shoe wardrobe.  I'm not saying it will be easy, and I'm not saying it will be cheap, but I guarantee it will be fabulous.  Here are three things I adore when it comes to shoe shopping:

1. No one judges you if you have to go up a size.
2. If a shoe doesn't fit well, you (or your hips) are never the problem.  It's always the shoe's fault.  
3. No matter how much exercise you do (or don't do, in my case) they always fit.

This expedition for the perfect winter footsies wouldn't be such a to-do if it wasn't for my darling Penny.

 While I love this 15 pound ball of fur dearly, I could have almost (let me stress the ALMOST) killed her when I came home from an afternoon Happy Hour only to discover the heel to one of my favorite boots from last year ripped to smithereens.  Penny took it upon herself to make residence in my closet for the three hours I was sipping dirty martinis.
To say I was upset is a complete understatement, if you catch my drift.  A pair of flip flops I could have handled, but my favorite boots were just too much.

Now you understand why this shoe extravaganza is oh so important.  I think we should get started by just taking a peek at some fabulous shoe finds!  I'm glad you're on board.  

Alright, so I may have already found a replacement for $225.00.  Thank you, Vince Camuto!  Meet Braden...
Available Here

I am a complete fan of the rustic riding boot for Fall.  If you don't want to cough up $400 for a great pair of Frye boots, these Steve Madden's will totally suffice for $190.00  
Available Here

or these Mia boots for $99 (Hello! Total steal!)
Available Here

Ok, I am dying over animal prints.  I know these won't tickle everyone's fancy, but I'm a girl who needs a little extra va-va-voom every once in a while.  Like it or not, animal prints are huge this fall.

Hello, Sam Edelman!
$160 Available Here

Snakeskin anyone?
BCBGMAXAZRIA $225 Available Here

I am completely on board with the boyish oxford pump trend, even though I know that they are a total man repellent.
Naughty Monkey $99 Available Here

Gray?  Why not!
Nine West $99 Available Here

If you still have not invested in a good neutral pump, then shame on you! 
For $69, you do not have an excuse!
Available Here  

For the past few years, booties have had their fair share of space in my closet.  I don't see this season being any different.

For $59, these Michael Antonio McMahon's are making the cut.
Available Here

I say, "YES!" to lower heels.

$109 Available Here

A good suede black pair will definitely find their way to my apartment!
$119 Available Here

I may even decide to get a little crazy and throw a wedge or two in the group as well!

$89 Available Here

Alright, I'm officially broke.  I must stop myself before I do some real damage to my bank account.  Until we meet again...

Wishing you light, love, and the best of luck in finding your solemate! 

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