Wednesday, September 14, 2011

"What were they thinking?" Wednesday: The "B List" gone BAD & why am I so stinkin' awkward?!

Before we get started with the winner of Monday's Giveaway and "What were they thinking?" Wednesday I have a confession:
I am seriously the most awkward person on the planet 99.9% of the time.  How is it that I happen to bump into 1 out of the 5 attractive men in the central Arkansas area while I look like I've just been hit by a Mack truck.  It never fails.  The only time I meet attractive men is when I look like a homeless person.  For example...this morning Penny wakes me up to go use the bathroom at 7AM.  Now, I understand that the rest of the world is up and at em and raring to go at 7.  However, I am not as bright as a daisy this early.  I still look disheveled and squinty eyed.  Understanding Penny's urgency, I get up, throw on some flip flops and head outside.

Well, we arrive outside only to be greeted by a very attractive man walking his dog.  Until this moment, I have been completely unaware that there was an attractive man living in my building, so I'm sure I was staring at him in a completely creepy stalker way because that is something I would probably do and not even realize it.  Now, Penny is usually a very pleasant and well behaved dog, until she meets a dog she doesn't like.  This has happened probably twice since I've had her.  As the guy's dog runs up to give Penny a little sniff, Penny decides to growl and bark ferociously.  Seriously, Penny?? SERIOUSLY???  Once I convince Penny that attacking this guy's dog would not be in her best interest, the guy decides to introduce himself.  Here is the look I am sporting at this moment: Sweatshirt, PJ pants that are entirely too short, hair in a bun with a lime green hair tie, flip flops, sunglasses, and to top it all off I'm wearing my retainer.  That's right.  I still wear my retainer on occasion.  I know my orthodontist would be proud, however I am not in this moment.  Especially when I have to introduce my bad behaving dog and myself with a lisp.  I am pretty sure that he now thinks my name is "Sharon" instead of "Erin."  

The conclusion to this story is that this guy probably thinks I am a pan handler who has wandered over from the Greyhound Bus Station down the street.  I have since made it my mission in life to run into this guy when I look like a normal human being.  I'm kidding....sort of.  

Ok, now that I have gotten that off my chest we can move forward.

For today's post, I have decided to focus on some lesser known celebs.  You might have to ask yourself, "Who in the heck are these people?"  They're the ones who might get invited to some events, but don't necessarily have the funds to hire themselves a stylist who is worth anything.  Hence these photos... 

I know you're asking yourself, "Who in the heck is this crazy cat lady?"  Well, it's Stacy Haiduk the soap star.  I'm not sure whether to laugh or to get on the phone with PETA immediately.  Besides the cat on a purse strap, the dress is completely terrible.

I'm confused whether Kelis is channeling an Avatar character or the Statue of Liberty??  Rule #1 when sporting a pleather onesie: Check yourself for a camel toe. 

When shopping for a dress, a good rule of thumb is if your nipples are about to show, it's probably best to go up a size...or three.  OBVIOUSLY someone didn't fill in Aubrey O'Day.

Now on to the Monday's Winner!

 The winner of Monday's Giveaway of this fabulous ring from E.Leigh's is...

Lindsay Larson Smith 

Congrats!  Email me at with your shipping address so I can get you your prize!

Until we meet again...
Wishing you light, love, and an awkward-free Wednesday!

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