Wednesday, September 28, 2011

"What were they thinking?" Wednesday: Where do people get this stuff??

Good morning, my dears!  It is lovely to see you here this morning.  As some of you probably know, Wednesdays just happen to be one of my favorite days of the week.  No, it isn't because it's "hump day." It is because it is one of my favorite blog post days.  Who doesn't like to be able to say snaky things without any repercussions?  If any of you are raising your hands, go ahead and put them down because you wouldn't have shown up here if you didn't love it.  I also share some pretty self-depricating material as well, so I guess that makes it alright.  For example, yesterday I spent the entire day in my office wearing a white v-neck and leggings as pants.  That's right; I committed one of the season's biggest faux pas.  I'm not ashamed.  I happened to be extremely comfortable.  Considering this whole business venture has temporarily turned me into a hermit, I will wear any darn thing I choose.  Who knew starting your own business would be time consuming?

So, for today's post I have found a very inspiring source.  Have you ever seen something god awful in a store and thought, "Who buys this stuff?"  Well, I have thought that MANY times.  Let me fill you in on a little secret.  The first market trip I ever made I finally discovered all of the people who were actually buying this stuff.  You see, market isn't just for the fashion, no, no.  It is also for the buyers and owners of the stores that sell the "Who buys this stuff?" stuff.  Yep.  It's true.  All of the ugly stuff on the planet has to come from somewhere...right?  Every day I receive an email or two telling me about some horrible piece from some terrible line.  It's never ending.  So, my friends, these emails are the inspiration for this week's Wednesday post, and boy, oh boy, have I found some beauties for you today.  I hope it makes you happy, because receiving emails with ugly products all week long does not make me happy. Let's take a peek at what people have been trying to sell me this week, shall we?

These must be pants for people that need lots of extra crotch space.  LOTS.

Since faux fur is so in this fall, these are for those clients of mine whose calves get extra cold.  I believe the phrase they used in the email was "boot covers." WOW.

If you know me in the slightest, you know I love a good romper.  However, on the other hand, a bad romper is just...well...bad.  They leave nothing to the imagination, do they?  I think this could be considered slightly offensive. 

When I received this I thought, "Goodness! This looks just like something one of my clients would wear! Who doesn't want a red beaded, fringed cap?!"  
No.  No, that didn't happen. 

I'm am all about the fur movement this year, however these vests should come with a disclaimer:
No english sheepdogs were harmed during the making of these vests.

Ok, I am not a fan of red and black anyways, but what is this?  I don't think they could decide what kind of top they wanted this to be.  Half button down and half bustier? The color, the ruffles, the's all just wrong.  Just plain wrong.

Yes, people actually design and sell these atrocities.  The world is a strange place, my friends.  Chew on this for a minute....this doesn't even make a dent in the emails that I receive.  Do not fret, these email solicitations will be making an appearance again. 

Besides being able to poke fun at unsuspecting individuals, I also get to give away free stuff on Wednesdays! 

The winner of the 
$25 E.Leigh's Gift Certificate 

Joanna Sain

Congrats!  Please email me at to claim you prize!

Thanks for listening to my utter nonsense today.  I very much appreciate it.  Considering I will be locked in my office for the next two days straight, blogging makes me feel slightly connected to the outside world.   

Until we meet again, my lovelies...
Wishing you light, love, and an inoffensive Wednesday.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Giveaway Monday...we're trying something new today, people.

Ok, so I'm not going to try to pretend to be the most chipper girl in the world this morning.  It just isn't so.  I feel like I could sleep for approximately 20 more hours, however, I do not have the time for those kind of luxuries these days.  The reason I am so tired could be due to the fact that I accidentally partook in a 4 hour nap yesterday.  Therefore, I didn't fall asleep until well after 1AM.

Anyway...that's neither here nor there.

So, this weekend I was catching up on one of my favorite fashion blogs.  She isn't funny or quirky, but she does share with her readers her fabulous little life that involves soirees, mimosas with Tory Burch, and fashion shows....lots of fashion shows.  I know, I guess you don't need funny when you are able to take pictures of a fashion show from your iPhone and post them on your blog.  No, really...she shares some lovely pictures that make my heart skip a beat every time I take a peek. All joking aside.

Here are some photos of the Chadwick Bell Spring rtw 2012 collection.
courtesy of {this is glamour} & her iPhone

Aren't these stunning?
Here is an actual photograph of the last dress in her pictures:
Breathtaking. I know.

All right.  I know you all know what day of the week it is, therefore you are expecting me to pony up some loot.  I'm ok with that. Actually, I love that.  

Before we talk about what I'm giving away, I want to let everyone know that once E.Leigh's reaches 1,000 fans on Facebook, I will be giving away a fall handbag worth over $100.  If any of you feel compelled to share our Facebook page with some friends that you think might take interest in it, I'd be ok with that. Here is the link in case you need it:

So, I was thinking about the Giveaway today, and I couldn't decide what I wanted to give away.  I have come to the conclusion that maybe people would like to pick their own giveaway item?  I don't know.  We'll try it this week and see how it goes.  This week, we are giving away a....

$25 E.Leigh's Gift Certificate!  

This way the winner will be able to use it on whatever her heart desires.  I think freedom can be a really great thing, so here it is.  I'm extending to you freedom on this Giveaway Monday.

In case you are new to the E.Leigh's blog, here is how you enter to win this Gift Certificate: 

1. Make sure you are an E.Leigh's Facebook Fan.  If you are not, you can become a fan here.
2. Tag yourself in the E.Leigh's Giveaway Picture. It will be available on the E.Leigh's fan page.  It will look like this...

**If for some odd reason someone isn't on Facebook, they could also follow the old instructions and leave a comment on this post stating what they would spend their gift certificate on.

You have until Tuesday at midnight (Central Standard Time) to enter to win!

Until we meet again...
Wishing you light, love, and lots of luck!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

"What were they thinking?" Wednesday on a Thursday & the Giveaway Scarf Winner Revealed!

Before any of you begin to judge me, I would like to say that...yes, I am well aware that today isn't hump day and that I completely failed as a blogger and human being yesterday.  Ok, well maybe not totally as a human being, but definitely as a blogger.  As you are well aware, per our previous conversations, I am not perfect.  Actually, no where near it.  I'm not in the ballpark of perfection...not even the general vicinity.  I am not even approaching the exit to perfection.  So, if you're going to stick around for a while, this is something you are going to have to learn to live with.  However, while you are dealing with my imperfection, I will gladly except you for yours.  Now, I can't promise that you won't end up on a "What were they thinking?" Wednesday post in the future.  I haven't a clue as to who some of these people I post are, therefore, I cannot guarantee that it won't be any of you out there in Blogland.  Rest assured that if somehow you do end up the subject of a "What were they thinking?" Wednesday post, it isn't the end of the world.  I mean...come on.  You're talking to the girl who shared her entire kindergarten perm nightmare with the entire World Wide Web.

SO, the purpose of this entirely too long rant is to say, "I'm not ok, you're not ok, but that's ok."  I'm so glad we got that cleared up.  Oh, and I also want to mention that if I want to post a "What were they thinking?" Wednesday post on  a Thursday, I'm going to do it.  Because, this is my blog.  I may not be able to control most things, but as God as my witness I will control what goes on my blog. There. I said it.  You have officially seen the snarky side of E. Leigh.

Let's get started. Shall we?

Ok, I am totally thrilled that they are remaking two of my favorite childhood films...

The 1960 film, Pollyanna...

and Follow that Bird.

I have a sneaking suspicion that the originals are going to be better.  No, really.  What is going on here?

I'm pretty sure a little piece of my soul died looking at this next picture.  My question much fashion tape did it take to achieve this look??

I have absolutely no idea when this picture was taken, and I don't care.  Because, honestly, this look was never ok.  It looks like her closet just threw up on her.  

I love this girl, but I'm pretty sure she looks like she could be making the morning trek back to the freshmen dorm from one of the frat houses. Shack much?

Now let's get on to the good stuff.  The free stuff. 

Before I announce the winner and everyone gets their panties in a tizzy because they weren't the lucky girl, I want to let each and every one of you know that you are now able to purchase your own E.Leigh's Handcrafted Scarf off of our site by clicking HERE

Drumroll please.........

The winner of this fabulous scarf is.....

Allyson Dunn!
Allyson Said...

Congrats!  Send your shipping address to so I am able to get you your scarf ASAP.

Until we meet again...
Wishing you light, love, and a lovely Thursday. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Seriously lovin'.... denim shirts

Top of the morning to you, lovely!  While we saw denim shirts make a huge splash this spring, I have news for you ladies, they aren't going anywhere for fall.  So, if you haven't invested in one of these easy, breezy, go-to tops, it is officially now time to do so.

For months, we have been seeing celebrities sporting their denim button downs with shorts, and as crop tops.  Now, we are seeing them with denim, leather shorts, fall skirts, and boots.  They were all over the front row (actually all of the rows) at fashion week.

Sidenote: I know Kelly Cutrone says that if you aren't in the first three rows at a show during Fashion Week you might as well not go.  I have news for you, Ms. Cutrone.  I don't care if I was offered a seat on the lighting service catwalk that's up in the rafters, I'd take it.  They could seriously offer me a seat on someone's lap and I'd be ecstatic. Next year, if you happen to see someone hanging from the rafters (or sitting on some random F-list celebrity's lap) during Fashion Week, it could very well be moi'.  

Kate Moss, front row at Mulberry sporting a denim button down, jeans, boots, and a hat. (You know how I feel about hats!)

Emily Schuman is the writer of the blog, Cupcakes and Cashmere.  She showed up at the Tory Burch show looking completely swoon worthy in her  Club Monaco denim blouse and Miu Miu leather shorts.

Kate Bosworth is completely on trend with this look.  Denim shirt, skinnies, men's style booties, and she tops it off with a top knot.  Yes, please.

Ciara sports hers at the US Open.  I'm loving the layered bracelets with the watch, aren't you?

Now, for those of you gals who may need a little inspiration, I have found a couple of looks to give you just that!

This is my ideal denim shirt look I created on Polyvore. (If you haven't tried to create anything on Polyvore yet, you totally should.  It's so fun.  It actually might be perfect for a boring day at work.  Not that I'm condoning playing on the computer at work or anything like that.  I would never.)

This look I discovered on Pinterest, and I think it falls right in line with the casual, chic look I'm going for this fall.  Although, I would probably add a scarf because I feel the same way about scarves as Paula Deen does about butter.  Everything is better with a scarf. 

Where can you buy a denim button down at a reasonable price, you ask?? Well, look no further because I've done the hard part for you.

Both of these are available at TopShop for less than $42.  Yeah, I know.  It's a total steal.

Click on the picture to take you to the purchase page.

Until we meet again...
Wishing you light, love, and an inspirational day.

Monday, September 19, 2011

A casually chic Giveaway Monday

Well, hello there.  It is absolutely lovely to greet you here this Monday morning.  I regret that I have to inform you that I don't have any stories about me being the awkwardest human being on the planet or the craziest. (Although, it suffices to say that I am.)

I do, however, have some loveliness to share with you.  I can't speak for you, but I love fall fashion.  I think it has to do with the fact that there are so many opportunities for casually chic days.

I'm going to let you in on a little secret....I often (and when i say often, I mean 6 out of 7 days of the week) leave the house looking less than "put together."  Much less.  I enjoy a makeup free day just as much as the next girl.   I think what I adore about fall is the ability to be completely casual  and completely chic simultaneously.  It's truly amazing what a scarf, riding boots, and an oversized satchel can do for your overall look.  Hence the following pictures...

I'm telling you... this fall, casual chic is the definitely the way to go AND the way into my little fashion heart.

Ok, ok...I am getting to the good stuff.  I am not so naive to think that you are all here to listen to my silly musings about my little life and what not.  On to the Giveaway...because today is Giveaway Monday nonetheless. 

In honor of one of my favorite fall accessories, I am giving away a wool, hand-knitted scarf. (Totally fabulous, right?!)  

This is an "infiniti" scarf, which means it is one long continuous circle.  This is my favorite kind of scarf because it is super easy to fix.  Especially for those who might be a little inept to fixing such things as scarves.
This particular scarf is made from a beautiful cream wool blend, with little stands of bronze woven in.  It really is stunning.  I'm a little partial because I actually have one myself.

These handcrafted scarves will be available at E.Leigh's later this month and will range in price from $25-$75 depending on the style and material.  

How to enter to win:

1. Make sure you are an E.Leigh's Facebook Fan.  If you are not, you can become a fan here.
2. Tag yourself in the E.Leigh's Giveaway Picture. It will be available on the E.Leigh's fan page.  It will look like this...

**If for some odd reason someone isn't on Facebook, they could also follow the old instructions and leave a comment on this post stating what they would sport their new scarf with.

You have until Tuesday at midnight (Central Standard Time) to enter to win!

Until we meet again...
Wishing you light, love, and lots of luck!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Completely, totally, 1000% in love new OrYANY satchel

Oh how I love a new designer handbag.  I seriously do.  I have been trying to hold off on picking up one of the designer OrYANY bags that I carry at E.Leigh's, but this last market trip I broke down and ordered one for myself.  It was just too navy and too satchely (Yeah, I just made that word up.  So?)  for this girl to pass up.  I would like to say that the precious OrYANY showroom girl that was helping me held a gun to my head and forced me to purchase one for myself......but that didn't happen.  Not even close.  Would you like to know what the worst part is?  I am absolutely ecstatic with my purchase.  I do not have a single ounce of buyers remorse.  I'm actually thinking that this purchase may be the best decision I've made in a while.  For realskies. (Yep, I made that one up too.  Goodness, I must be on a kick today.)  Sorry I'm not sorry.

Meet Juju...
She's lovely and lambskin.  Which is a pretty fabulous combo if you ask me.  And gorgeous gold hardware to boot?  Be. Still. My. Heart. 

I couldn't decide where she looked best, so I took a few snapshots.

Maybe on the kitchen counter?

Or on the chair?

Or on the couch next to Penny?  They've become fast friends.

I am pretty persnikity about the inside of a handbag.  

"She's got good innards" as my late Papa Hack would say.  Isn't that print darling?  I think so too.

Pretty much, the lesson of the day is:
Life is too short not to own a nice handbag.

Footnote: If you are interested in purchasing Juju (not my Juju but a new one) email me HERE.  She retails for $455.00, but I am offering her for $395.00.  Shhh...I won't tell if you won't. ;)  Here is a pic of another Juju (that is absolutely swoon worthy) that should arrive later this month at E.Leigh's:

Until we meet again...
Wishing you light, love, loveliness, and lambskin.  

Thursday, September 15, 2011

A crazy, dreamy Thursday...

Well, it's official.  I have absolutely lost my mind.  Yesterday you learned of my inability to be anything but awkward, and now I'm informing you of my insanity. Crazy and awkward...that's me.  Fabulous. I've always wanted to be those two things....especially at the same time.  It's astounding that I'm still single.

So, as of yesterday I have decided to move.  I presently reside in a nice downtown condo, but after deciding that the condo lifestyle didn't suit me any longer, I have found a lovely home in a historic neighborhood that happens to be the oldest suburb in Little Rock.  Moving isn't the crazy part.  The crazy part is the time I have chosen to make my move.  Over the next three months I will be unbelievably busy.  I mean SERIOUSLY busy.  I will be gone for three weeks in October to different places, and this is not a vacay, kids.  This is serious business travel.  BUT, when I am in town I have about 3 gillion (that's like more than a trillion) things I have scheduled for work.  I have no idea how I am going to accomplish it all.  I'm thinking  a lot of caffeine, a lot of sleepless nights, and prayer.

You see, I am one of those people who insists on revamping my space every time I move.  I feel moving is a good time to let go of the old and bring in the new.  Even though most of the stuff I bring in is in vintage old.

SOOO...on top of working 10-12 hours a day, 7 days a week and moving, I now have to find time to redecorate and do some DIY design projects.  I have already began scouring Pinterest  (Follow E.Leigh's on Pinterest HERE!) for a little inspiration and this is what I have found thus far.

Garden rake necklace holder...genius.

I foresee a yellow dresser similar to this in my shabby chic bathroom.

After seeing these pictures, I have decided that a dreamy bed is an absolute must.

A DIY project I will be partaking in...

I am craving color.  (The baby not so much.  A baby wouldn't make such a great addition to my new space. JMO.)

This will be perfect for my dining room.

Empty frames for the living room?  Yes, please!

After all this moving and redecorating, I'm going to have all you lovelies over for afternoon tea.  

Or wine.
  That works too, yes?  

Until we meet again...
Wishing you light, love, and a dreamy Thursday.