Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"What were they thinking?" Wednesday: A post devoted to the never good, always bad, and just plain ugly.

Happy Hump Day, my lovelies!  Before we get started with today's post, I would like to announce the winner of this fab necklace from our Giveaway Monday!

The winner is....

Miss Ellis

Congrats! Please email me at with your shipping address and I will get you your necklace ASAP! 

Now... back to our favorite post of the week! 

Boy howdy, have a found a little gem of a picture for you today.  I would like to preface by saying that it was 1989 and an Olan Mills photo shoot.  That alone is a recipe for disaster!  Please don't blame my mother.  She didn't know what she was doing.  No one can be blamed for such a horrible picture.  Maybe it was the photographer?  Maybe it was the lighting?  Maybe it was the hairstylist who we should crucify for this mess of a hair do?  I don't know.  All I know is that it's bad...very, very bad.

I think we should start at the beginning, with a story of a 5 year old girl named Erin.  Erin was an unusual child.  She was extremely persnickety from the very beginning and while she was a good little girl, she always seemed to have an opinion about everything.  She knew what she wanted to wear, what she did and did not want to eat, and she always had very specific instructions for how she wanted her hair fixed.

While Erin was born with board straight, light brown hair, she dreamed of something bigger.  MUCH bigger might I add.  Erin dreamt of what every girl in the 80's/early 90's dreamt of...a perm!  After much pleading and begging Erin had finally convinced her mother that a perm was the right decision.

Lucky for little ol' Erin, her mother's best friend's mother was a hairstylist in a town about 20 miles away. The next weekend Erin's mother's best friend took Erin to her appointment with her mother the hairstylist.  Erin's mom stayed home with her brothers.  Lots of hours and curlers later, Erin had the curly permed hair she had always dreamed of, and she couldn't have been more proud of her new 'do!  The best part was that her boring straight bangs were now the most fabulous set of mall bangs she had ever seen!  Wowza!

When she returned home to show her family the new hairstyle, she realized that not everyone was as pleased with the new 'do as she was.  She didn't understand why her mother was crying and so upset.  Maybe they were tears of joy that her daughter looked so fabulous?  No.  No, I don't think they were tears of joy by any means.

Luckily for Erin's mother, the perm fell out a few months later, and her straight haired daughter returned. But....not before they had this prize of a picture taken.  Introducing... Erin's jheri curl, mullet Christmas picture of 1989...

You'll have to excuse the quality of the picture.  It is actually a picture of a picture. 

Go ahead and laugh.  I'm totally used to it by now.  This picture sat framed on top of the piano at my mother's house for years, and let's just say it wasn't a normal week if one of my friends didn't comment on this atrocity.  

After sending this picture out on the World Wide Web, I would like to go ahead and dispel any rumors that might get started regarding this picture.  Here are people I am NOT related to, even though I might have showed some resemblance to in 1989:

For those of you who were wondering...Steve off of Beverly Hills 90210 is not my brother.

Just to clear the air, Lionel Richie is not my father.

I know what you're thinking, and no, AC Slater is not my cousin.

I honestly have no idea who these jokesters are, but I can assure you I'm not related to either of them.  So sorry to disappoint you.

After seeing the aforementioned picture it's probably hard to believe that presently I'm a pretty normal, average looking woman.  Hey, that wasn't my first fashion faux pas and I assure you it won't be my last.

That's all for this week's fashion woes.  If you feel the need to purge your fashion soul of its past fashion fails, forward your pics to and check back on Wednesday to see if you made the “What were they thinking?” post.

Until we meet again...
I'm wishing you light, love, and a mullet-free Wednesday!

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  1. Ha ha ha!! This is hilarious!!! Even though I don't ever remember seeing it at your mother's house?! Where was I? How could I miss this?? Great Blog! Love it!!