Thursday, August 25, 2011

Advice from an un-guru (or whatever the antonym of guru is)

Hello pretties!  Today I am going to skew from our usual posts (is anyone surprised?) and try something new.

Earlier this week, I happened to get a letter from an E.Leigh’s blog reader asking for my advice.  As I read through the email that this lovely reader sent, I thought, “Hmmm…I’m sure she isn’t the ONLY person out there who has this issue.  I should post it on the blog and then share some suggestions so that others may be able to benefit from it.”  So, after getting permission from the author of the email, I am posting and responding. 

If any of you have any helpful tips for this fabulous reader, I urge you to share them!  Besides, what fun is this when I’m the only one blabbering on?  Who knows?  Maybe we will start a little weekly advice column here at E.Leigh’s

Before we begin, I would like to just throw it out there that I (by no means) think of myself as a fashion guru.  I am not.  For example, I am sitting here writing this in a sweatshirt and sweatpants looking as if I am the next makeover candidate for “What Not to Wear.”  Like I said, you will not find any fashion gurus here.  I simply enjoy it and therefore enjoy sharing my enjoyment with you guys.  If by some off chance I am able to help someone in the process, then that’s just swell too.

Here is this week's advice email:


I look forward to your blog, and I was wondering if you had any advice should you have the time.   I'm a 8-5 girl plus I'm starting school again so my love for heels has to be put on hold as I have a lot of walking to do! I work during the day and go straight to class via public transportation so I'm trying to come up with fashionable yet appropriate outfits for work involving different flats and flat boots.  I love the idea of shift dresses with flats and prefer pretty and feminine style, but was wondering if you had any other ideas, especially for a apple shape with a big ol bust and tummy! (ok so it's not thaaat big but I'm 5'3, 34D and wear a size 12)   I could sure use any advice!  And of course if you don't have time, please don't feel bad! Just wondered if you had any quick thoughts!

Thanks bunches!

8 to 5 in Austin 

Dear 8 to 5,

I completely understand your concern considering I have been a career/school girl myself, and those make for some pretty long days!  Kudos to you for having that much stamina!

When I was having to abide by office protocol and sport office appropriate attire, there were a few closet staples that I couldn't go a week without utilizing during the fall/winter months.  I highly suggest investing in all of these layering pieces:

A good, thick pair of black leggings
A well-fitted black blazer
A pair of nice black tights

All of these things come in handy!  Especially on those off mornings when you are running late, forgot to pick up the dry cleaning, and need to turn a spring dress into winter attire rather quickly.  No, seriously.  I have had MANY of those mornings.  Actually, it was in many of those mornings some of my favorite outfits were born.

As for outfit ideas, I was a huge fan of the sweater dress in the fall and winter.  They are so effortless and look so stinkin' chic.  Give me a sweater dress, leggings, flat boots, a jacket, and a scarf any day!  Well, I don't want it in the dead of summer so I guess not ANY day. 

I also found that my riding boots looked great with my skinny cigarette pants.  If they would have sold them in 10 different colors, I would have bought them.  They tucked in perfectly without bunching, and all I had to do was throw on a sassy blouse and "Voila!"  There you have a comfy, yet totally work appropriate, outfit.  

I went ahead and put together a few outfits that I would be wearing if I was still back at the ol' grindstone.  Hopefully, they will provide you with some inspiration.

Good luck with starting back school, and may you be the best dressed girl at the office and on campus!  


Told ya I love cigarette pants!

Pants & Blazer-Top Shop
Blouse-Forever 21
Purse & Earrings-E.Leigh's

Jacquard skirt?  Yes, please!  Shirt tucked in, jacket on, and you're ready to go!
Skirt, Blouse, & Blazer- Top Shop
Purse- E.Leigh's
Flats- Piperlime

If you can't tell, I'm a huge fan of neutrals.  They're just so chic!
Jacket & Crops- Top Shop
Lace Tank- Forever 21
Earrings- E.Leigh's
Flats -Available at E.Leigh's September '11

Every girl deserves a color blocked dress.  Period.  
Dress-Top Shop
Bag & Earrings- E.Leigh's
Flats- Zappos

Have a question?  I MAY have an answer!  (I told you I can't promise guru quality or anything.)  Email me at  If I don't know the answer, I'm extraordinarily good at googling.  

Thanks for letting me go all Dolly Pardon in "Straight Talk" on you.  Until we meet again...
Wishing you light, love, and a beauty-filled Thursday.


  1. this post is very helpful for a fellow 8-5-er ;) I love all the colors and the neutrals, my wardrobe has been black black black for far too long! thank you for the inspiration!

  2. Nice and incisive. Couldn't be delivered better.