Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Beg, Borrow, or Steal…The Post for Babes on a Budget

Top of the morning (or afternoon, depending on when you’re reading this) to you, my dears!  I hope everyone’s day is going swimmingly so far.

So, last night I got to thinking…we have Giveaway Mondays, and we have “What were they thinking?” Wednesdays, but what do we have for Tuesdays?  Hmm…Tuesday is an odd day if I do say so myself.  And then it came to me.  Aha!  We need a day purely devoted to looking at beautiful things, and not just beautiful things that will cost you your first born child, but beautiful things that even a newly self employed person (I don’t know who I could be talking about???) can afford.  Because believe me, I know life isn’t always filled with Birkins and Manolos.  Sometimes life is filled with Forever 21 (gasp!) and Charlotte Russe.  Not that there‘s anything wrong with either of those places. (I’ve shopped at both PLENTY.) However, it just really isn’t my cup of tea. 

You know, it’s not even the actual stores that I have a problem with.  It’s the shoppers.  When I shop at one of those places, I always find myself in a pickle.   I can’t decide whether to ignore their disturbingly bad choices and mind my own shopping business, or to politely inform them that a skin-tight mini and a crop top isn’t the easiest look to pull off and they might want to reconsider their selections.  Because if we’re being honest, who in the world can pull off THAT kind of look?  The only two people who should be raising their hands right now are Sienna Miller and Kate Moss.  If you are reading this and happen to think this is a good look for you, email me immediately.  We will schedule weekly coaching sessions.  No charge.  I’ll consider it my good deed of the month. ;)

Ok, back to today’s post!  Today’s post will be broken up into three different sections.

Section 1: Things to beg for…

This section will consist of designer fashion goods that most of us would have to sell one of our kidneys to afford.  Sidenote: I thought about selling my eggs at one point.  Eggs sell for A LOT of money, you know.  My grandmother did not find that humorous whatsoever.

Section 2: Things to borrow…

This section will consist of fabulous fashion goods that you can borrow.  No, seriously.  You can rent them for a few days, a week, a month, and so on.  Have a fabulous fundraiser you’re attending?  Rent a designer gown!  Have a bachelorette party in Vegas soon?  Rent some fabulous jewelry!  Have a frienemy coming into town that you want to one up?  Rent a designer handbag for the week!  (I was kidding about the last part….or was I??)

Section 3: Things to steal…

This section will be purely devoted to fabulous fashion finds at prices too good to pass up.  You know, the stuff us normal (not that we’re not completely fabulous) people can afford.

And here we go…

Things to Beg for…

I absolutely love the print on this ISSA dress.  If you have an extra 750 buckaroos hanging around, it can be yours.

Oh my!  Chloe has outdone themselves!  Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous.  But, I guess it better be for $2,195!
Things to Borrow...

This lace whispers dress by Proenza Schouler dress is absolutely divine.  While it retails for $1,525, it can be rented for $200.  

These show stopping earrings by Dannijo retail for $320, but can be rented for $35.  Not too shabby if I do say so myself.

I'm not going to lie.  If I had an extra $1,820 in my bank account, it would be very hard to pass up the Chloe Marcie bag in this fabulous cream color.  But since I don't, I will have to settle for renting it for $77 a week or $250 a month.  

Things to Steal...

Love the color, love the bow, LOVE the price!  For $75, this is totally doable.

I am a firm believer that everyone needs a good taupe shoe.  It's just a cherry on the sundae if they happen to be on sale for less than $30.

This clutch that doubles as a crossbody was not only featured in People Style Watch, but is a steal for only $52.

Until we meet again, have a grande time begging, borrowing, or stealing.

Wishing you light, love, and a lovely Tuesday.

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