Monday, August 8, 2011

Giveaway Monday: The perfect cure for a case of the Mondays

I happen to be feeling extra, EXTRA spiffy this morning.  Why would I be feeling this spiffy on a Monday morning, you ask?  Well, there are two very reasonable answers for this.

Reason # 1…

It’s Market Week! 

I LOVE going to market, and when I say, “LOVE,” I actually mean love.  I love going to Market so much that if I had to choose between going to Market or finding my soul mate/future husband/future baby’s daddy I’m not so sure what I would choose.  No joke.  At this point, I’m leaning towards Market.   The Dallas Market Center is 15 stories and 5 million (that’s right, million) square feet of glorious, wholesale goodness that makes my heart skip a beat every time I go.  I would move in if they’d let me, but I think that’s frowned upon. :(

And Reason # 2 just happens to be…

It’s Giveaway Monday!

Personally, I love Mondays…and I’m pretty sure that Mondays are quickly becoming the new Fridays.  Oh, well…maybe not, but I’m still feeling rather strongly about Mondays. 

I think it’s time to turn the focus on you for a second.  Yes, you may be back at the old grindstone.  And yes, you may be counting down the hours until happy hour, but I’m going to give you something shiny and new to set your sights on until then.  Who knows…it might even make counting those hours a little easier. 

The stupendous giveaway item today is…

a Rose Gold Boyfriend Watch from E.Leigh's, which happens to be available here.

Ok, I seriously love this watch.  When I found this watch, I had to get an extra one just for myself!   I find it just that fabulous.  The picture below is of me wearing my rose gold boyfriend watch.  And don’t judge me.  I know I have the funniest looking wrists in the world.  Not only are my wrists small and flat, but I also happen to suffer from the wrist equivalent of cankles.  I like to refer to them as “wrands,” and unfortunately it’s incurable.  This is the first watch I’ve bought in years because of my insecurities regarding my “wrands.” You should thank the good Lord right this second that you don’t suffer from these atrocities.

So how do you enter to win this Rose Gold Boyfriend Watch??  All you have to do is join our site and leave a comment on this post stating the one fashion piece you are lusting for right now.  Is it a new handbag?  A gorgeous pair of studs?  A pair of fantastic wedges?  Tell me about it! 

For those of you who are new to the blog world, all you have to do to join our site is click on the button that says, “Join Our Site” under the “Follower” tab on the sidebar.  From there it will prompt you to sign in with your Twitter, Gmail, or Yahoo account, and voila! You have joined our site!  Yay, you!

Wishing you light, love, and a beauty filled Monday.   


  1. What an awesome watch. I would love to have a big pair of diamond stud earrings.


  2. I would love to find a maxi dress that I like--trying to hold on to summer a little longer. And I wouldn't mind those Medina heels in leather and calf hair from J.Crew!

  3. I would love this watch! Gorgeous!!! For fall, I am trying to find the perfect, vintage looking brown leather satchel.

  4. I would love, love to have that gorgeous blue silk dress that I tried on last Friday! I can't stop thinking about it! Oh and love the fact that the watch has the word "boyfriend" in the title.

  5. i would LOVE a chambray button-up that's long enough to wear with leggings, but can still be worn with dark jeans. i would definitely belt it and wear it with my favorite brown riding boots!

  6. Love the watch Erin! I've been watching a rose gold to add to my watch collection but haven't like the pricetags I've seen thus far.
    So impressed with what you've done with your store - being self employed is definitely the way to go :)

  7. Rose gold is HOT this fall! It would go perfect with a maxi skirt, which is what I'm looking for right now!

  8. I would love a badass leather motorcycle jacket that I could pair with a sexy, but feminine floral dress.

  9. I am dying for a Ju-Ju Bee diaper bag! It has everything a mom needs :) The gold watch is super cute and perfect for me, since my middle name is Rose!

  10. A dress to wear to my best friend's wedding!

  11. Now that I know Missoni is doing a line for Target thanks to E.Leigh's I'm lusting after a little Zig Zag print! September 13 can't come fast enought! - Kate Webb

  12. I love this watch! I'm currently searching for a birthday dress for the big 2-5(we're down to two weeks...eek!) and for fall, a new pair of cute brown boots.


  13. I've been looking for the perfect pair of black wedges...seems like that would be so easy to find, but for some reason I'm so picky...Hopefully I'll find them before the summer is over...

  14. The perfect accessory I'm impatiently waiting for is a Rolex watch . I tore a picture out of a magazine and gave it to my husband several years ago and I still don't have one so while I'm waiting I would love to sport the rose goltone boyfriend watch. I love your give away Monday's and you have an awesome website:)

  15. E-Leigh,
    I love the watch and love the site!
    I am currently looking for the perfect pair of gray pumps!