Tuesday, August 2, 2011

It only gets better with age.

While thinking about my next birthday (which happens to be right around the corner) gives me heart palpitations. No seriously....it does.  I look around at so many of the things I am loving in fashion right now, and realize that almost all of it is a “vintage” or  “refurbished” look in some way or aspect.  I started thinking that  maybe things do get better with age.  Maybe we are just like some of the fabulous fashion pieces I find myself drooling over.    Sure we aren’t in the same condition we were when we started on this journey, but hey, with a little reinventing I think we can end up better off than when we began.

Today’s post is dedicated to the vintage fashion finds that some people might call “old” but I just call “fabulous.”

This first photo is a piece from one of my new favorite jewelry designers that E.Leigh's will start carrying very soon.  She uses old brooches and mixes them with new materials to bring new life to them.  Love, love, love.

This 1960's Geoffrey Beene dress could slip right in to my closet.  Seriously modern.  Seriously fabulous.

These authentic vintage typewriter key rings are the definition of "reinvention."

(They're $16 and are available here.)

While I'm not sure what I'd do with the lipstick holder, I would totally sport this vintage, beaded bag anytime.

Welcome to the 70's....where the maxi was born.

Give me a plunging neckline...  

a mod print....

or lots of pleats any day.

Now, go forth, and start finding new ways to make your "old" self fabulous!

Wishing you light, love, and the ability to constantly reinvent yourself.

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