Thursday, August 18, 2011

Darling, it's always five o'clock somewhere...right?

Oh goody, goody gumdrops.  I’m always a little giddy when I start to write my post of the day, because honestly, the majority of the time I have absolutely no idea where it is going to take me.  Today, I’ve got one thing on the brain.  Cocktails.  That’s right…as in adult beverages.  I know it’s strange, this being a fashion blog and all, but it’s true.  I want happy hour, and I want it now.

One of the perks of  A: being self employed and B: working from home is that happy hour can really come at any time of the day.  Maybe it’s a two hour Sangria filled lunch at YaYa’s with a girlfriend? (Which I totally plan on partaking in today.)  Or maybe it’s a mid morning bloody mary on my balcony?  Like I said, it can come at anytime.   You can’t predict these things, ya know? 

Just to be clear, I by no means am a heavy drinker, but occasionally I enjoy partaking in a festive drink or two.  Ok, I admit it…sometimes three.  I’m sorry if I have offended anyone by discussing my relationship with adult beverages, but I feel that if anyone here is the type of person who would be put off by such a topic I would have already offended you about 10 posts ago and you wouldn’t even be reading this now. 

So, to break up the monotony of life in general, I have decided to post the recipe of the most delightful little cocktail concoction I came up with this past Saturday evening.  My goal was to share a relaxing evening with my girlfriends and I ended up stumbling across this gem of a drink.  I highly suggest making this at your next girl’s night.  Believe me, they will thank you for it.  It is purely divine.

E.Leigh’s Champagne Fizzies

1 can of frozen pineapple juice concentrate
1 can of frozen raspberry lemonade
1-1.5 liters of  ginger ale (I kind of taste it as I go along and add more or less according)
2 cups of strawberry, kiwi vodka (Really any yummy flavored vodka will do, but strawberry kiwi is what I had.)
2 bottles of champagne
1 package of frozen raspberries

Mix together the first four ingredients.  This recipe is rather forgiving so go ahead and add more or less vodka and ginger ale depending on what kind of mood you’re in. J

I prefer to add the champagne right before serving to preserve all the fabulous fizz.  When it comes time to add the bubbly, make sure you pour it in very slowly to keep all the carbonation in the drink.  You don't want it all to fizz out!

Add 5 or 6 frozen raspberries to each flute.  The raspberries make such a fun garnish, and they help keep the drink cold.  Now it’s time to pour the drinks over the raspberries.  These drinks are super fun and can be a little dangerous, so go easy on them, my dears. 

And if you're feeling a little more sassy than prissy, go ahead and serve your Champagne Fizzies with one of these fun cocktail napkins, available here.

Until we meet again...

Wishing you light, love, and two (maybe three) cocktails.

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  1. It was such a delicious cocktail! I will be writing the recipe down for an E. Leigh's fashion party!