Monday, August 29, 2011

Giveaway Monday and the shirt that grows!

Happy Monday!  I sincerely hope that all of you had fantastic weekends.  Mine was extremely interesting and wonderful.  I had another run in with a cicada, however I refuse to ramble on about this previous attack.  The only thing I'm going to say is that I'm about 99% positive that the entire population of these hideous creatures are out to get me personally.  No joke.

I received a text message on Saturday, from a lovely friend of mine who happened to be at the Minneapolis airport for a layover.  She had stumbled upon a store called "Fly Babies" and proceeded to send me this gem of a picture...

 First of all, I couldn't believe this was for children.  They totally look like something a gaudy, old woman would wear.  I was very appreciative that the box (Yes, that's right.  They come in a box.) says, "The shirt that grows."  I guess that would seem appealing to some parents.  Maybe some that have had a lobotomy.   I was able to google the "Lil Kernels Popcorn Shirts" and find them on another website.  Here is what they look like on a child...

 I don't care WHAT your child has done, no one deserves to have to wear something this ridiculous.  I hope the people producing these atrocities realize that they are producing children that will most likely have a strange fear of popcorn boxes for years to come.

Oh, wait.  I don't think they do, because I just found something else.  These people aren't just torturing their children, they are also torturing themselves!  I found this picture on

Underneath the picture, there happened to be this customer review:

"This is absolutely wonderful... I was waiting to find a shirt that makes me look three sizes BIGGER than I already AM... PERFECT! So now whenever I wear anything else people will ask if I've lost weight!"

I wasn't going to say it, but these are my sentiments exactly.  I'm sorry, but this rant couldn't wait until Wednesday.

Now, my momma didn't raise a fool.  I know what you ladies are doing here!  You are here for none other than Giveaway Monday!  Today E.Leigh's is giving away this lovely necklace...

 This is another one of those fabulous pieces I picked up this month at the Dallas Market.  It will be available at E.Leigh's this week after the winner is announced!

Due to the amount of emails I have received regarded how difficult blogger has made it to "join" a site and comment, we are changing the rules of the game.  

Here is how you enter to win:

1. Make sure you are an E.Leigh's Facebook Fan.  If you are not, you can become a fan here.
2. Tag yourself in the E.Leigh's Giveaway Picture (It will be available on the E.Leigh's fan page) and leave a comment stating whether you would keep the necklace for yourself or give it as a gift.  It will look like this...
If for some odd reason someone isn't on Facebook, they could also follow the old instructions: Click "Join our site" underneath the "Followers" tab on the left side of the screen AND leave a comment on this post stating why they want to win the necklace and if they would keep it or give it as a gift.

You have until Tuesday at midnight (Central Standard Time) to enter to win!

Until we meet again...
Wishing you light, love, and lots of Giveaway Monday luck!


  1. I am on facebook, but I like leaving messages on here. I would definitely keep that necklace for myself! It's super cute and would be good to wear on a night out or for work! I am a lover of all things versatile.

  2. On FB but this is easier. This is adorable. I would probably give it to my mom because she adores jewelry.