Monday, August 1, 2011

Giveaway Monday… the perfect cure for a routine “case of the Mondays.”

Once upon a time I had a job.  I guess I still technically have a job, but it’s different now.  My current job doesn’t feel like a job, so it's hard to think of it as such.  My old job felt just like what it was…a job.  

While it wasn’t a bad job, I routinely had what some might refer to as a “case of the Mondays.”  (Side Note: I would like to thank the movie “Office Space” for giving all of the 8-5vers out there a title for their Monday doldrums.)

Urban Dictionary describes a “case of the Mondays” as:  

“Symptoms of a useless or horrible Monday morning after returning from the weekend...”

Now, the severity of a “case of the Mondays” can vary greatly.  There are some Mondays where having a cup of coffee (or three) is just enough to carry you through to Tuesday, and then there are others where drinking the whole dang pot doesn’t even come close to fixing the problem.

While I can’t give you Mondays off, I can try to do my part in helping the “unfixable” Mondays become a little more enjoyable by introducing E.Leigh’s Giveaway Mondays. 

Every Monday I will give away some little piece of happy.  The key word being “little.” Just to be clear about the types of things I will be donating to some fabulous reader, here are a few items I will NOT be giving away…

This Phillim Lim bag that I am totally lusting after...

Or this Chanel ring, which would be a timeless addition to any jewelry box...

And while I’m at it, I won’t be giving away these Christian Louboutin pumps either.  I wish I could.  Good navy shoes are so hard to find.  

Sorry if I got your hopes up, folks.  The good news is that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  While I won’t be giving away any of the aforementioned designer goods, I WILL be giving away some fun fashion finds that might bring a little sparkle to your day.  I mean...come's free.  Who doesn't love free stuff?

I know, I know…enough with all the hoopla.  Here is the booty up for grabs today!

Drum roll please….

TA DA!!!  One lucky gal will scoop up these fabulous peach studs from E.Leigh's AND her choice of either a subscription to People's Style Watch or Lucky Magazine. 

Now, all you have to do to have a chance to win this loot is to "follow" our blog AND leave a comment that states the following... 

1. The best thing about your Monday thus far.

2.  Which magazine you would choose should you be the grand prize winner. (I really enjoy using the term "grand prize winner.")

A little positivity goes a long way, don't you think?  

Everyone has until midnight tonight to post a comment; after which I will gather all the names, put them in a fabulous hat, and pull out one lucky winner's name.  I will announce the Grand Prize Winner in this week's "What were they thinking?" Wednesday post.

Wishing you light, love, a little luck, and lots of extra happy Mondays.



  1. The best thing about my Monday so far is that my boss had a doctor's appointment and won't be in until later. So I have the office to myself!

    When my name is chosen, I would like to receive a subscription to Lucky! Thanks Erin!

  2. The best thing about my Monday so far is that my internet is working and my cat has yet to attack me!!! I would like to receive "People" magazine if chosen, because I love some good celebrity gossip. There, I said it. Great blog!

  3. Love the earrings. The best thing about Monday so far is that the Golden Girls come on tonight on WE tv. Thanks Erin.

  4. Best part of my Monday would be actually having the day off! Love the earrings and i would love People magazine if I won! Great idea Erin and happy Monday! :)

  5. Best part of this Monday would have to be work is almost OVER less than an hour to go! Great website Erin. If I won I <3 to have People!

  6. My Monday involved walking 12 blocks in 4 in heels (at least they were wedges) in 100+ degree weather to deliver files to a print shop. I felt like death when I made it back but see the silver lining in I must have burned SOME sort of calories!! Should I win those little gems I would love to wear them while reading People Magazine Style Watch! I buy them from the stand everytime so a subscription would save me some money!! (for flats perhaps?) - Kate

  7. The bestest thing about my Monday is that I woke up in AZ at my aunt's house at 9:45am on vacay! No work for me all week long! I would love People magazine bc I already get Lucky. P.S. Erin, I don't know how to "follow" you on a blog....yes, im uncool and my last phone was a Razor...what? Better late than never, right? So, can I still be in the drawing? ;)

  8. P.S.S. I absolutely LERVE the earrings!!!!!! Love you E.Leigh! AKA-Margo!

  9. Best thing about my Monday is my CPR/AED class I took today...I just got to sit & listen :) I would prefer the People mag!

    This is a great idea!! Love u!!